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PostgreSQL High Availability Solutions by HexaCluster

At HexaCluster, we understand that uninterrupted access to your data is paramount. With our expertise in PostgreSQL High Availability (HA), we offer top-tier solutions to ensure your database is resilient, reliable, and readily accessible. Our support extends to both Streaming and Logical Replication, with a focus on robust HA through Streaming Replication.

Types of Replication

Streaming Replication
Logical Replication
For a robust High Availability system, Streaming Replication is the preferred method. HexaCluster specializes in this replication type, offering tools and guidance to achieve consistent and reliable database access.
Logical Replication provides a more flexible way to replicate data and is supported by HexaCluster to meet diverse needs.

High Availability Tools Supported by HexaCluster

Patroni stands as the most advanced tool in our arsenal, enabling us to achieve 5 nines of availability. With features like scheduled switchover, automatic failover, and REST API integration, Patroni offers unprecedented control over HA.

Transparent Application Failover: Utilize HAProxy-like load balancers to achieve transparent application failover to the new primary database.

Avoiding Split-Brain Syndrome: Patroni can integrate with watchdog and distributed consensus stores like etcd, zookeeper, and consul, ensuring high integrity and consistency.

Global Recognition: Patroni is celebrated as the best tool on the planet for automatic failover and provisioning of standby nodes in a PostgreSQL High Availability Cluster.
REPMGR is another trusted PostgreSQL High Availability tool that HexaCluster supports. It features automatic failover and agents that continually monitor the health of PostgreSQL nodes, acting swiftly if needed.

Why Choose HexaCluster for PostgreSQL High Availability?

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our specialized knowledge in both Streaming and Logical Replication.

Custom Solutions

Tailor-made strategies designed to align with your specific needs and industry requirements.

Proven Tools

Leverage the power of renowned tools like Patroni for unparalleled availability.

Continued Support

Trust in our ongoing support to ensure smooth and successful implementation and maintenance.

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