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Ora2Pg: Your Trusted Database Migration Tool

As Authors of Ora2Pg, for over two decades, the team of HexaCluster, has been the driving force behind Ora2Pg, the open-source database migration tool that revolutionized the way businesses migrate their databases. Crafted with excellence by our CTO, Gilles Darold, Ora2Pg has evolved to become a trusted name in database migration, specializing in Oracle to PostgreSQL, MySQL to PostgreSQL, and SQL Server to PostgreSQL conversions. 

Industry giants Google and Microsoft Azure have built their Database Migration Service (DMS) tools with Ora2Pg as the backend, a testament to its robust and reliable performance.

Ora2Pg supports database migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL, MySQL to PostgreSQL and SQL Server to PostgreSQL

Key Features and Benefits

Migration Assessments

Evaluate the complexity of your migration process with Ora2Pg's Migration Assessments. This feature enables you to gauge readiness and understand the resources needed, helping to ensure a successful migration.

Extensive Database Support

Ora2Pg offers robust migration paths for Oracle to PostgreSQL, MySQL to PostgreSQL, and SQL Server to PostgreSQL, making transitions seamless and efficient.

Faster data migrations

Experience a faster data migration with Ora2Pg, even with large objects. Our cutting-edge technology ensures efficient and quick data transfers without compromising integrity.

Data Validation

Ora2Pg’s Data Validation feature ensures accuracy in migration, allowing random or full validation upon transferring data to PostgreSQL. Trust in a process that verifies every piece of migrated data.

CDC (Change Data Capture)

Ora2Pg's innovative CDC feature allows you to keep track of changes in the database, ensuring a smoother migration process while migrating heterogenous databases to PostgreSQL.

Cloud Integration

Trusted by renowned cloud vendors like Google and Microsoft Azure, Ora2Pg has been chosen as the backbone for their Database Migration services, reflecting its reliability and robust performance.

Automatic Conversion of Business Logic

Ora2Pg excels in automatically converting business logic from Oracle PL/SQL to PostgreSQL PL/pgSQL. Preserve the functionality of your database with ease using Ora2Pg.

Active Maintenance

Driven by innovation, Ora2Pg is actively maintained by the dedicated team at HexaCluster. The team at HexaCluster promises that Ora2Pg continues to evolve, bringing new features and efficiencies to your migration projects.

Why Choose Ora2Pg?

22 Years of Excellence

HexaCluster's commitment to continuous improvement ensures that Ora2Pg remains at the cutting edge of technology, meeting the ever-changing demands of database migration.

Expert Support Services

Benefit from HexaCluster’s specialized support services for migrations. Our team of experts is ready to assist you at every step, making your migration process as smooth as possible.

Unmatched Flexibility

Ora2Pg's open-source nature ensures customization and adaptability to suit your unique business needs.

Industry Recognition

Ora2Pg’s efficiency and reliability have earned it a top place in the database migration sphere, evidenced by its adoption by major cloud providers.

Get Started with Ora2Pg

Embrace the future of database migration with Ora2Pg. Contact us today to learn more about how Ora2Pg can streamline your migration process, or explore our range of professional services tailor-made to suit your business needs.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have leveraged Ora2Pg’s unparalleled capabilities, and make your database migration a success with HexaCluster!

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