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Our PostgreSQL Backup Solutions

At HexaCluster, we offer specialized backup solutions for PostgreSQL databases, encompassing both logical and physical backups. Leveraging our experience and cutting-edge tools, we provide robust and comprehensive backup strategies to safeguard your valuable data.

HexaCluster supports various backup solutions for PostgreSQL

Logical Backups

Logical backups are created by extracting data from the database into a script or archive file. Our support extends to a range of logical backup tools:

pg_dump and pg_restore

The native PostgreSQL logical backup and restore tools, pg_dump and pg_restore, offer an efficient and versatile means of exporting and importing your data. Our experts guide you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth experience.

pg_dumpbinary and pg_restorebinary

We're proud contributors to pg_dumpbinary, a powerful tool designed to dump a PostgreSQL database with data in binary format. Backups taken using pg_dumpbinary can be restored with pg_restorebinary. We help you choose this pair for fast and reliable logical backups and restores.

Physical Backups

Physical backups are mandatory to satisfy the recoverability of a database. These backups allow the capabilities of performing consistent backups that can be taken online. Such backups when combined with archived WAL segments, provide the capabilities of PITR (point-in-time-recovery). Our support for physical backup tools includes :


Utilize pg_basebackup, the native physical backup tool available with PostgreSQL, to create a binary copy of your entire database cluster. Supported by our team's expertise, this tool provides an effective physical backup solution.


We actively contribute to and support pgBackRest, the most robust backup tool designed for databases of several Terabytes in size. With features like Parallelism and direct streaming of backups to AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Object storage, pgBackRest eliminates the need for generating local backups. Opt for this solution for a state-of-the-art physical backup strategy.


BARMAN is another backup tool for online and consistent backups, that supports parallelism and backups from standby. Through backups taken using barman, you will be able to perform PITR (point-in-time-recovery) as well as implement DR solutions at ease.


Why Choose HexaCluster for PostgreSQL Backup?

Expert Guidance

Our team’s hands-on experience with both logical and physical backup tools ensures that you receive unparalleled support and advice.

Custom Solutions

Enjoy tailored backup strategies aligned with your unique needs and objectives.

Reliable Support

Benefit from our dedicated assistance during the entire backup process, from selection to implementation.

Innovation and Contribution

As contributors to leading tools like pgBackRest and pg_dumpbinary, our knowledge and innovation place us ahead among the vendors supporting PostgreSQL.

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