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Welcome to HexaCluster! We are thrilled to present our exceptional prowess in database performance tuning, combining our deep expertise with artificial intelligence (AI). With profound understanding of both Open Source and Commercial databases, we are a special team on the planet.

Our team is proficient in optimizing the performance of Open Source databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and Apache Pinot, as well as industry-leading Commercial databases like Oracle and SQL Server.

As part of our Architectural Health Audit engagement, which typically spans a period of either 3 or 5 days, we engage in a detailed assessment of your database environment.

  • With an increasing adoption of Open Source databases, there is always a challenge with the expertise that is involved in building the right way.
  • Due to this reason, several environments migrating to cloud may choose some of the vendor provided generic auto-tuning techniques.
  • At the same time, improper tuning of databases may lead to security vulnerabilities, excessive hardware utilization, increased infrastructure costs and high latency applications.
  • All of these above situations lead to concerns related to scalability with increasing workloads. Hence, it is important that your database environments are reviewed by our experts.

Transformative power of AI combined with seasoned professionals

At HexaCluster, we recognize the pivotal role databases play in the seamless operation of your business. We are dedicated to leveraging the transformative power of AI in our performance-tuning services, ensuring that your databases operate at peak efficiency and deliver optimal results. Whether you seek performance tuning for an Open Source database or require our expertise with a Commercial database, our seasoned professionals, supported by AI technologies, possess the requisite skills and resources to assist you in achieving unmatched performance gains.

We cordially invite you to reach out to us today to schedule a consultation. Discover how our unique blend of human expertise and AI-driven insights can revolutionize your database performance and propel your business to new heights.

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