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PostgreSQL Tools and Extensions developed and contributed by our Team

Our team consists of PostgreSQL experts who are Code Contributors, Developers, Admins and Trainers. To simplify database administration and increase visibility into PostgreSQL performance, our team has developed numerous tools and extensions.

With the increased demand for Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL migrations to PostgreSQL, our team has also built and contributed to a wide varirety of PostgreSQL featues through several Open Source tools and extensions. 

Following are some of our proud Open Source Contributions in the ecosystem of PostgreSQL : 

Tools supporting Migrations to PostgreSQL

Our team at HexaCluster are the proud Authors of the most famous Open Source database migration tool, Ora2Pg. This tool supports Oracle to PostgreSQL, SQL Server to PostgreSQL, and MySQL to PostgreSQL database migrations. 



Tools for PostgreSQL Database Administration


This tool is developed and maintained by the Team of HexaCluster.


  • Helps performing Binary backups of databases that includes objects of several GB's and TB's in size. 
  • This tool solves the challenges with the native PostgreSQL logical backup tool : pg_dump


A widely adopted PostgreSQL log parser and analyzer. This tool is also adopted by Google and Microsoft like Cloud vendors. pgBadger scans the Postgres log files and generates a detailed report on Time consuming queries, errors, vacuum metric, temp usage and several other important metrics logged to Postgres log files.


A PostgreSQL performance monitoring and auditing tool. This tool provides detailed insights into database connections, system overload, cache hit ratio overr a period of time. PGCluu works for the entie PostgreSQL Cluster and its group of databases. This is one of the Open Source monitoring solutions developed for PostgreSQL.

Extensions supporting PostgreSQL Migrations


The orafce project is aimed at implementing most of the Oracle syntax compatibility in Postgres. The team at HexaCluster has contributed multiple features to Orafce to simplify Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations. 


pgtt is a PostgreSQL extension to create, manage and use Oracle-style Global Temporary Tables and the others RDBMS. It mimics the Oracle behavior with GTT when you can not or don't want to rewrite the application code when migrating to PostgreSQL.


This PostgreSQL extension provided full compatibility with the DBMS_JOB Oracle module. It allows to manage scheduled jobs from a job queue or to execute asynchronous jobs.

Statement Rollback

Our team has contributed to the extension called : pg_statement_rollback that provides a feature for server side transactions with rollback at statement level similar to Oracle and DB2.


Our Team has contributed to the extension : Orafce_mail that allows sending emails from a PostgreSQL database. This was developed to provide the similar compatibility as Oracle's UTL_MAIL package in Postgres.

Error Logging

Our team at HexaCluster has created the extension : pg_dbms_errlog to support similar syntax and compatibility as Oracle's package, DBMS_ERRLOG in PostgreSQL. This was developed to simplify migrations from Oracle to PostgreSQL


Our team has contributed to the extension called : pg_show_rewritten_query that helps DBA's and developers debug complex queries that are built on top of complex views.


This is an extension developed by our Team to add the same functionality as the Oracle's BFILE data type that stores unstructured binary data in flat files outside the database.

uri data type

This is an extension contributed by our team to add the uri data type for PostgreSQL.  It  allows to insert data in uri format and provide all functions to extract uri parts, validate and compare uri's.


A tool to assess and provide estimated person days to migrate application code with embedded SQL code from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Our team has added the assessment and migration capabilities of applications developed using Perl and Java.


This is an extension developed by our Team to enforce general credential checks, which will be evaluated during the user creation, during the password change and while renaming a user. 


This is an extension developed by our team to avoid the rewrite of calls to FND_GLOBAL and FND_PROFILE functions while migrating Oracle  to PostgreSQL.


This is an extension to access Oracle database objects from a PostgreSQL database as if Oracle tables are local Postgres tables. Our team has contributed to several features such as LIMIT push down and supported multiple bug fixes.


This is a PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier that can work as a console program or as a CGI. This SQL formatter/beautifier supports keywords from SQL-92, SQL-99, SQL-2003, SQL-2008, SQL-2011 and PostgreSQL specifics keywords. Works with any other databases too.

Linter checks

Plpgsql-checker is a powerful extension for Visual Studio Code that enables developers to run checks on procedures and functions written in PL/pgSQL language using the plpgsql_check PostgreSQL extension.

Why Choose HexaCluster as Your Preferred PostgreSQL Support Vendor?

HexaCluster stands out as a beacon of excellence in the world of PostgreSQL support, offering unparalleled expertise and a comprehensive suite of services that cater to every conceivable need.

  1. Unmatched Expertise in Administration and Development : We are the only company on the planet that excels in both PostgreSQL Administration, Development and Migrations. Our team's deep knowledge and hands-on experience set us apart, ensuring top-tier solutions for your database needs.

  2. Contributions to PostgreSQL Tools and Extensions : HexaCluster's team consists of distinguished PostgreSQL Contributors. We have developed and enhanced a wide variety of tools and extensions supporting Monitoring, Backups, Migrations, and Administration, reinforcing our status as industry leaders. See the list of Contributions by our Team in the following sections.

  3. Unlimited and Comprehensive Support Services : HexaCluster's support services are designed to provide you with everything you need such as :

    PostgreSQL Administration:
    Ensuring smooth and efficient database management.

    Upgrades and Bug Fixes:
    Addressing critical issues and keeping your system up-to-date.

    Migration Support:
    Offering guidance on Migration roadmaps, tools, best practices, and collaboration with your teams.

    Architecting and Designing:
    Tailoring database setups to align with your unique requirements.

    Custom Tool Development:
    Building specialized tools for supporting Migrations and Data migrations, including CDC.

  4. A One-Stop Solution : HexaCluster is unique in offering a single support solution that encompasses Administration, Development, and Migration support. No other company provides such a wide-ranging and integrated approach, making us the best choice for all your PostgreSQL needs.

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We have contributed to PostgreSQL to simplify migrations from a wide variety of databases to PostgreSQL such as - 

  1. Oracle to PostgreSQL and MariaDB
  2. SQL Server to PostgreSQL and MariaDB
  3. MySQL to PostgreSQL
  4. IBM DB2 to PostgreSQL
  5. Sybase to PostgreSQL
  6. Informix to PostgreSQL

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